Jungbach power station Pressure pipeline renovation

Project description:

In the course of renovating the existing pressure pipeline of the Jungbach power station, Kelag Systems AG was awarded the contract to carry out the engineering work, the entire calculation, as well as production and assembly.

Scope of work:

  • Total length: 377 m
  • Diameter: DN 400 (457 mm)
  • Wall thicknesses: 14 to 20 mm
  • Operating pressure: 110 bar
  • Total weight: approx. 66 tons
  • Material: P355 N
  • Interior corrosion protection: fibre-cement mortar
  • Exterior corrosion protection: PE and fibre-cement mortar

Special construction conditions:

  • Assembly in very steep mountainous terrain
  • Transport and rough positioning in trench and steep slope by helicopter Type AS 332 Super Puma C1 HB-XVY
  • Construction year(s) 2014
  • Owner Jungbach AG c/o EnAlpin AG, 3930 Visp, Switzerland