Stadtbrücke power station Hydraulic steel construction

Project description:

Engineering, calculation, complete construction, production, assembly and commissioning of the weir flap, segment sluice and stoplog systems

Technical description:

Hydraulic weir flap

Width: 23 metres
Height: 2.4 metres
Weight: 18 tons
Actuator: Hydraulic cylinder, single-side

Segment sluice including flap and hydraulic actuation

Width: 3 metres
Height: 4.7 metres
Weight: 4.2 tons
Actuator: Hydraulic cylinder, both sides

Stoplog system

Width: 7.8 metres
Height: 6 metres
Weight: 6.4 tons
  • Construction year(s) 2012–2014
  • Owner Kraftwerk Stadtbrücke AG, 9444 Diepoldsau, Switzerland