Shop manufacturing

Our spacious machine shops with a total production area of 4500 m2 enable the manufacture of entire plants, pipelines, vessels and hydraulic steel construction components of various sizes, and the handling of products by means of cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 8 m/50 t.

All our workshops are equipped with the machinery required in order to execute the individual manufacturing steps expertly, efficiently and according to a high standard.

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Mechanical treatment and forming

Mechanical welding edge preparation

CNC pipe bending for instrumentation tubes

CNC pipe bending in accordance with DIN

CNC pipe bending in accordance with ASME

Welding processes

Conventional TIG welding

Fully mechanised TIG welding

Orbital TIG welding

Manual arc welding

Conventional MAG/MIG welding

Fully mechanised MAG/MIG welding

Stud welding

Repair welding

Submerged-arc welding (SAW)

Electron beam welding

Selective laser melting (SLM)


Surface treatment and refining

Pickling and passivating

Anti-corrosion coating

Hot-dip galvanising


Thermal barrier coating

Fibre cement encasing

Mechanical pipe protection

Sand and glass bead blasting

Anti-corrosion tape for buried pipelines

Hydraulic steel structure coatings with great layer thickness

Special corrosion protection and insulation

Powder coatings

Packaging and logistics

Packaging for lorry transport

Packaging for sea transport

Material handling


Final assembly and electrical wiring

Electrical wiring

Test assembly for prefab units

Functional tests

Final assembly of prefab units